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  • ONLINE LITTER REGISTRATIONS - This service has moved to our new eCat website. Visit ecat.cfa.org to register your litters.
  • ONLINE CAT REGISTRATION APPLICATION (No login required)  - You can now complete an Application to Register Your Pedigreed Cat Online! You will need the information from a blue or yellow slip to fill in this application. Once submitted and paid for, our staff will review the application and process it quickly, usually within 10 business days. If you provide an Email address, we will email you notification when the registration has been processed, and send the Cat's Certificate by separate email in PDF format. Visit http://www.cfa.org/client/registrationindex.aspx to apply online to register your cat!
  • CAT BREEDERS REFERRAL SERVICE - Sign up for the premier online cat breeder directory! Once subscribed to this service, you will be able to change your text, and add or change photos, as often as you like.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP and PREMIERSHIP CLAIM - This service has now moved to our new eCat Online Services website. If you are planning to show your cat, you want to be sure to claim a Championship or Premiership title when eligible!Using this service, you can claim the title either after receipt of the required number of Winners Ribbons, OR before competing for Winners Ribbons, and the award will be approved upon confirmation by our office. Print your own Championship or Premiership certificate!
  • ONLINE ALMANAC - Keep up-to-date with the cat show world! A subscription to the Online Almanac will give you access to Regional and National E-points, as well as official show counts, plus show results in the Scoreboard area. New Grands and DMs are listed, and you can find contact information for judges and clerks. Feature articles cover a myriad of topics related to breeding, exhibiting, registration statistics, and feline health.
  • EDIT YOUR CFA USER PROFILE - At any time, you'll be able to update your name, email address, mailing address, or password. Keep your User Profile current, so you don't miss any emailed announcements.
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