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Breeder Profile
Breeder Name: Angela Smirnova Cattery: BURMA CHARM
Contact: Angela Smirnova Phone: (714) 661-4559
Address: CA USA
Web Site:
Breeder Information
Breeds: Burmese (Sable and Dilute), European Burmese
Description: All our kittens are good companions and family cats. We let our kittens roam around the house. All our kittens are very tame and friendly. We and our kids handle the kittens and play with them every day. Our kittens go to new homes litter box trained and with their first shots. We give six month health warranty from life threatening conditions of genetic nature. The kitten with the same quality will be provided as a replacement. Grand Champion lines. Regional and Breed Winner lines. Distinguished Merit lines. Written sales contract with written health guarantee. All colors.
Photo Gallery
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