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Breeder Profile
Breeder Name: Lou Ankeney Cattery: Amerikitties Persians
Contact: Lou Ankeney Phone: 719-964-2221
Address: 1140 Big Valley Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Web Site:
Breeder Information
Breeds: Exotic, Persian - Bi-Color, Persian - Particolor
Description: Amerikitties is a small in-home cattery specializing in breed standard, red-factor Persians, including Exotic short-haired Persians. We are CFA registered cattery and are PKD/FeLV/FIV negative by DNA testing. Our small number of cats and kittens are part of the family and have lots of love and attention every day. Our cats are immaculately cared for. We show our cats with CFA and they are backed by fine pedigrees. We fly kittens gently and safely all over the U.S. and Europe. There is more information on our website,, and also a contact page for your questions.
Photo Gallery
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