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Breeder Profile
Breeder Name: SUE SWAIM Cattery: A Kitkat
Contact: Sue Swaim Phone: 805-482-0139
Address: 325 Commons Park Dr.
Camarillo, CA 93012
Web Site:
Breeder Information
Breeds: Persian (General - All types), Persian - Himalayan
Description: We are CFA registered cattery specializing in himalayan and persian cats. WE have many Regional Winners, National winner and many Grand Champions. Located in Southern California. We place our cats after carefully selection of a good home. We prefer not to ship our cats. We prefer you meet the cat in person. Our goal is to breed healthy, sweet temperament cats that meet the CFA Standard. All colors available and specialize in lynx points. I sometimes place retired show/breeder cats. Our number one priority is to find loving homes for our kitties. We are PKD negative and currently testing for HCM, KITTENS are immunized x 2 and dewormed. For more information please email us at
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