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Breeder Name: Lance, Nancy, and Katherine Cattery: Angel Girls Ragdoll Boutique
Contact: Lance Hamilton Phone: 703-220-9594
Address: 9501 Burke Road
Burke, VA 22009
Web Site:
Breeder Information
Breeds: Ragdoll
Description: Our Angels are QUADRUPLE Grand Champions from the U.S.A, to China, to Russia. But we focus on sweet, Gorgeous, healthy pets for loving homes... and our clients love us. All of our AngelGirl Ragdolls are raised UNDERFOOT, and NOT caged! Many say it; but few do it. To us, our kitties are family, and are raised with our daughters and our trusty chihuahua, ensuring you get a very social new family member! Angel Girls Ragdoll Boutique is located 30 minutes south of the Nation's Capitol; otherwise known as the Washington, D.C. Metro Area. We offer some of the most gorgeous Ragdolls and ship worldwide. We provide Ragdolls in every color and pattern, including LYNX, seals, TORTIES, reds, TORBIES, blues, MINKS, creams, and blue-eyed WHITES. We are also passionate about bringing back the rare LILAC and rare CHOCOLATE colors in the Ragdoll Breed! Kittens come with registration, a five generation pedigree, all vaccinations, their own designer carrier, food, toys, and health certificate. Our gorgeous, blue-eyed, affectionate, grand champion lines ensure your Angel will love you unconditionally. Our Ragdolls are eager to please, laid back, loyal, smart, non-aggressive, beautiful, relatively quiet, and require very little maintenance. For this reason, they have become the latest pet sensation of the stars, and their popularity has soared with apartment and city dwellers alike. All of our kittens are raised in our bedroom with constant care. This is a passionate hobby for us, and with Angel Girls, you get the very best; and a lifelong companion.
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