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Breeder Profile
Breeder Name: Becky Hernandez Cattery: 3HEARTS
Contact: Becky Hernandez Phone: 817-366-3260
Address: Weatherford, TX USA
Web Site:
Breeder Information
Breeds: Exotic, Persian (General - All types), Persian - Bi-Color, Persian - Himalayan, Persian - Particolor
Description: Our mission is to share the breed! After owning our first exotic we fell in love and feel more families should have such treasures. We breed for health, sweet temperament, and beauty. Our kittens are raised in a loving environment around children so they adjust well and are very affectionate to everyone. We produce bicolors, blue points, seal points, tortie points, solids and parti colors. Once you own an exotic you will be hooked for life! We have lots of families return for a second furry family member! Our kittens have sweet personalities and are little “purr machines”. We love answering questions please feel free to contact us for your next forever friend!
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