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Breeder Profile
Breeder Name: Helen Fradelakis Cattery: Adoraelves
Contact: Helen Fradelakis Phone: 561-396-6290
Address: Loxahatchee, FL USA
Web Site:
Breeder Information
Breeds: Devon Rex
Description: Devon Rex Breeder in Sunny South Florida, a non cage cattery that kittens are raised underfoot and hand feed, I don't inbreed or line breed Award winning Grand Champion lines, our Devon Rex Cats are famous for their Acting in Photo Shoots, Commercials, TV Shows as they have great personalities and very loving and playful- with focus on pedigreed kittens that are healthy, beautiful, rare colors, blue eyes, with great personalities and upholding the top standards of the breeds. All Kittens: *Kittens come with a State Vet's health certificate; *Devon Rex Certificate * All exam records *Shot Records; *Fecal Exam; *Bloodwork; *Microchip; *Gift Kit; * Replacment Kitten Guarantee *
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